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A Message From The Owner

This is the final goodbye, one last time.


In the past two years, my baby MVMNT squared up to the pandemic and lost. After a dead closure, 1 failed sale, 1 successful merger, & 1 merger roll back, we finally dragged tooth and nail across the finish line and now put her to rest for good.


I underestimated (still do) the power of the grieving process. In these last two years I mourned the loss of my business, truly facing every step from denial, all the way through a long fit of anger, and on some days, acceptance. Losing MVMNT felt like losing a best friend and a piece of my identity all wrapped into one and I still can’t fully wrap my head around the sudden end to life as I knew it. A never ending limbo until today.


I’m sharing this as a cautionary tale. 1) for anyone considering opening a business. Be prepared for literally everything, including a pandemic no one thought would happen. Despite the risks, I wouldn’t trade a second of the good times. And 2) to remind all of us to shop small. Small businesses are truly the backbone of this country - the special sauce. Small businesses aren’t just a low budget version of the big guy, they are heart, soul, community, passion, blood, sweat and tears.


Rest easy my sweet girl, I will forever seek to match the passion I felt in your doors.

To all of you who supported us over the years:

You have all had a profound impact on my life and I hope MVMNT helped you to find your power and learn to enjoy fitness. I appreciate every single one of you who came through our doors. 


 There's only one person in this world that you cannot lie to - YOURSELF. You, and only you, have the power to be honest with yourself, make changes, and live the life you deserve. 

All of my love, 


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