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info@mvmntfit.com  |  734-263-5252  |  1300 South University Ave, Suite 6  |  AA, MI 48104

Locally owned and the only one of its kind, our focus is to help you improve your physical and mental wellness by offering the most exciting fitness classes in Ann Arbor. Whether it's cycling, circuit training, yoga, meditation, or any of our other services, we guarantee the highest level of expertise from our instructors and state-of-the-art facilities.


Doing the same exercise over and over isn't just boring, it can actually be dangerous! Avoid injuries by varying your fitness and practicing multiple disciplines all under the MVMNT roof!


When you surround yourself with like-minded people magical things happen. Join us and experience true support, friendship and connection. It makes the fitness even more fun!


Above all else, MVMNT is here to show you what you're made of. Come tackle the challenge of one of our classes and leave feeling accomplished and energized both physically and mentally.


MVMNT Has changed the way I see myself in the mirror by teaching me to accept my body, and to enjoy fitness rather than making it a chore to stay #fitspo. I'm no longer forcing myself to go to a class or to the gym because I need to look a certain way, but I'm doing it because it makes me feel a certain way. I've learned to love my body for the strength it's gained and for all that it's able to do


-Erika, Client


There is a reason I keep coming back to this place every, single day. It's the one workout that my busy schedule does not get in the way of and I feel more than healthy/fit after taking a class. I feel empowered, inspired and reminded of what self-love should look like. When you walk in the door, you are greeted by the most friendly staff community- love this place!!

-Liz, Client


As an avid cycler at home, I was initially disappointed with the cycling options here in Ann Arbor. Then MVMNT opened and I have never been happier!! The studio is such a great environment and the classes are sure to kick your butt. Check it out for a great workout, but be warned -- you'll be sore!

-Megan, Client


MVMNT has become my escape from anything and everything that may be on my mind. Whenever I walk into the studio, I know I'm about to spend a class focused on myself and my goals. I love this place and cannot imagine my daily routine without at least one class at MVMNT.

-Ariana, Client